• CFX Vape

    SKU: 0020

    The 'CFXvape' Multifunctional Vaporizer by Boundless is equipped with an intelligent full-HD display and allows a manual, precise temperature adjustment from 37 ° C to 221 ° C. Dry herbs, oils and wax can be evaporated.
    Thanks to the 80W heating system, the vaporizer heats up quickly to the desired temperature. The airflow, insulated from the electronics, ensures a pure and full-bodied steam pleasure. The powerful battery with 2.500mA / h ensures a longer operating time. In addition, the 'CFXvape' is equipped with a memory function and automatically switches to stand-by mode after five minutes of operation to avoid overheating.
    Caution: We recommend not charging the vaporizer via a computer, but using a power supply with USB 5Volt /> = 2Ampere.