• Flowermate Air v3.0

    SKU: 0022

    The new, revised and improved version of the 'Flowermate' V3.0 is now called 'Air' and now offers more than the predecessor V3.0. It is a 3 in 1 vaporizer for herbs, oil and wax. The new version is a 100% convection vaporizer.

    The heated air is no longer drawn through the entire components of the vaporizer. The air inlet and the heating at the V3.0Air are located directly under the herbal chamber. The air inlet was enlarged and the ceramic herbal chamber was expanded downwards. The steam develops significantly more tightly and the air flow was significantly improved compared to the precursor model. There are no strange, undesirable aromas, since the hot air only flows through the heating chamber and does not come into contact with electrical components.

    A stainless steel chamber, filled with cotton, is supplied for liquids. There is also a stainless steel storage chamber for herbs. This chamber can also be filled and, if necessary, can serve as a storage chamber, for example traveling. It is well penetrated at the bottom and laterally with heated air and is simply inserted into the ceramic herbal chamber. This additional stainless steel chamber is included as a spare part in our assortment, this chamber can also be easily filled with the specially designed and soon available mill funnel.

    The supplied bong adapter makes the V3.0 Air also usable on a bong. The adapter fits all bongs with 14 or 19 mm standard, male or female.

    The mouthpiece is made of borosilicate glass.

    'Flowermate' vaporizers are known for their sturdy design and the new V3.0Air has a solid aluminum housing, which is securely handled by the leather wrap. The black version is equipped with chromed trim elements, the white version with bronze color.

    It can be operated only with one button - just like with all 'Flowermate' vaporizers: Fill the chamber, push the button 5x quickly one after the other, the light flashes first and will light constantly within one minute and the vaporizer is ready for use. The temperature is changed by pressing the button for 3 seconds - that's all! The V.3.0 Air has three temperature levels: Blue 196 ° C / 385 ° F, Purple 204 ° C / 400 ° F, Red 213 ° C / 415 ° F and switches off automatically after 5 minutes without use.

    The user manual in German and English provides comprehensive information about all functions and the available accessories.