• Da Vinci Ascent Vaporizer

    SKU: 0024

    'Da Vinci' Ascent Vaporizer - The "Da Vinci" Ascent with OLED display, temperature control up to 210 is the right choice for anyone who does not just want absolute elegance but also a classy design ° C as well as 2+ hours of battery life is smooth in the hand, is high-quality processed and warms up in seconds to the desired temperature. Herbs or oils can be evaporated. With CE mark.



    · 1pc lithium-ion battery

    · 1pc EU standard charger

    · 2Stk dual Mouthpieces

    · 3Stk filter screens

    · 2Stk oil glass tanks

    · 1pc Dabber

    · 2Stk sealing plug

    · 1pc velvet bag

    · Operating instructions in de, en, es, fr