• Blaze Alchemy Icebong

    SKU: 0052

    The extraordinary, handmade Icebong 'Alchemy' of our premium brand 'Blaze Glass' enchants through the radiant metallic print on noble black borosilicate glass.

    The water pipe is also impressive with a robust wall thickness of 5mm, a 10-arm tree percolator, a diffuser slit adapter with a tube made of black glass and a herbal head with a practical, wide handle, which also prevents the head from rolling away. The large round foot ensures stability and is also decorated with the attractive alchemy print.

    The mouthpiece is comfortably rounded and a kick hole is also available. As a coronation the ice thorns hold a lot of ice cubes for megälich cooling.

    Fascinating design meets perfect functionality - this is 'Blaze Glass'.